Welcome to CosmosMorgans.com. Our family farm is dedicated to the enjoyment of the versatility of our Morgan horses. Whether we are trail riding on a fall day, nailing a sliding stop, or sitting behind our fine Park harness horse, there is nothing like the friendship and delight we experience when we spend time with our horses.



What's Happening

2018 , for us, is a new beginning for some aspects and a continuation for others.

Susie will be retiring after 45 years in business to follow a life-long dream with her reining prospect, Cosmos Technicolor. She always wanted to play with a reining/working horse and she will now have time to enjoy this young palomino.




The Wisconsin Morgan Charity Classic Show was a fun show for us. It is put on by the Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club.


About Us

Domino Stables was founded in 1972 when Susie returned from working with Hunter/Jumpers and eventers on the East coast.








Featured Morgan

Cosmos Ringmaster

Cosmos Ringmaster we hope will be a new start to a new generation of Cosmos Morgan’s. (Minion Millennium x Cosmos Arbor Mist)  Every year the Morgan Magazine has a “Those Amazing Morgan Foals” contest. We took a photo of Ringmaster (Ringo) for fun and sent it in. We were very surprised with the results of our photo!!  We were Second place in the “Morgan Character” and then First Place in Artistic Composition!! The photos were judged by two different people. Guess it was only fitting to have a photo of a foal in the fog with his mother’s name of Arbor MIST!!


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